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The Road To OFSAA!

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The Road to OFSAA is in full effect and LOTS of FIRE from all of our Gazelles. These Gazelles here have all competed well with Meet/Association Record Breaking Results with massive Personal Bests. Grade 9 Boss Natalie Long Jumped 5.27m, Grade 12 Boss Hayden threw 50.49m in the Javelin, Grade 11 Boss Daniel threw 14.77m in the Shot Put, Grade 9 Boss Elijah Triple Jumped 13.68m, Grade 11 Boss Aleeya ran 2.11.22s in the 800m, Grade 10 Boss Zion sprinted 10.79s in the 100m and Grade 9 Boss Caden ran 52.96s in the 400m. Lots more updates to come as we continue with our 2018 OFSAA Journey. –