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When Should Kids Join a Track & Field Club?

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When Should Kids Join a Track & Field Club?

Does any of these thoughts or examples seem familiar? So your son or daughter is kicking some butt at school at their local Track & Field Meet. Or your child just doesn’t stop running. It doesn’t matter what sport your kid plays they just seem to be good at it because they are fast.
Hmmmm….maybe my child should run Track & Field more often right?! 
I think the answer should be yes, but the question is when do you join? It’s pretty obvious that the sport of Track & Field is a Spring/Summer activity. Little do people know that the world of Track & Field has an indoor season too. Living in Canada where 60% of our season is cold the Indoor Track & Field Season plays a very important role in the Canadian Track & Field Culture.  

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Furthermore developing a young Track & Field Athlete takes time and patience. Depending on age and skill set the training must be well developed and carefully planned so the athlete can avoid injuries and remain excited about the sport. 
Depending on when you want the athlete to be at their “peak performance” ultimately will determine when the athlete should start training. I think anytime between end of Sept – January is a great time to start developing a Track & Field Athlete. Going through mechanics, philosophy, training habits, nutrition, recovery and creating a balance lifestyle takes time and effort. 
In my experience many parents bring their child to join a Track & Field Club in the months of May and June. Better late than never is my motto, but to really have a successful season training should commence between Sept – Jan. 
In conclusion it’s great to see the growing interest of kids and parents in the sport of Track & Field. Find a club that fit s your needs and most importantly find a club your child is comfortable with. If you want your child to have a successful Track & Field season consider membership between Sept – Jan.