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Football Players Should Run Track!

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Football & Track & Field Go Hand In Hand

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Football and Track & Field

One of the most popular assessments and measuring sticks for a Football player is their 40 Yard Dash Time. Speed in Football is probably one of the biggest factors for success. The essence of the game involves a lot of running.  When you watch a NCAA, CFL or NFL game you don’t see players standing around. Here are a few reasons why Football players should engage in a Speed Training Program to enhance their skill set:
1) The first step into establishing Speed in any athlete is improving their running mechanics. Everyone runs but running effectively is something that is learned. Football players would benefit immensely with effective mechanics. It will make their Football running style second nature.
2) The aim of the game in Football is to keep your energy levels as high as possible and as long as possible. A tired Football player isn’t an effective Football player. With perfected running a Football player can conserve his energy better so he can exert the optimal amount of force to get the job done successfully.
3) When training for better speed the athlete automatically works on core, balance, strength, fitness and confidence. All these attributes improve the overall Football Player and makes a better athlete.
4) Football players move on the field in a stop and go format. Calling on our body to create a burst of speed is very important. With Speed Training Football players will learn the skill set of starting and obtaining peak velocity over a short distance.