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Why Do Athletes Make The Best Employees?

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Reasons Why Athletes Make The Best Employees
Being an athlete takes a lot of work and perseverance.  The experience a young athlete gains over their years of training and competition transitions well into a working environment.  From being able to socialize with people from various backgrounds, to working independently while training or even learning valuable lessons from loosing a competition allows athletes to learn very quickly how the world works at a young age.  Learning day to day job requirements is one thing but teaching somebody ethics and dedication is very hard once you reach the age of adulthood.

The values gained from a career of sports are life long and can make a huge positive impact on somebody’s life.  It’s one thing to be able to be great in sports and make that next step to being a professional athlete or making it to the Olympics.  The percentage of this happening is really low and not common but the transition from a sports athlete to a hard working contributing civilian in the workplace is at a much higher percentage and one metric we should look at closer and embrace more.